The Icelandic fishing industry has a lot to offer

Fisheries Iceland (SFS) looks after the interests of those working in the fishing industry. The SFS website contains both information about matters such as wage-setting and environmental issues, as well as interesting facts and statistics related to the fishing industry in some way.





Sailing towards the present

The goal of the new SFS website was first and foremost to update and modernize the look, simplify the website structure and information access for users. Second, to be a voice of the Icelandic fishing industry both within the country and externally. Third, to bring the work of the SFS office to the fore in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The new website of SFS uses colors and forms from the association's logo, which is combined with the beautiful imagery that the fishing industry has to offer and creates the overall look of the site.

The website puts the diversity of the fishing industry in the foreground and offers interesting information about the fishing industry in a fun and visual way.

Elegance and simplicity

The new website of Fisheries Iceland was intended to improve on the shortcomings of the previous website. The website had to be written in such a way that it was scalable, understandable, easy to use and could accommodate the changing needs of SFS.