School enrollment process made efficient

When individuals with different strengths and backgrounds come together, miracles can happen. Norda's experienced team of developers, designers, product managers, and project managers have been creating user-friendly solutions for their partners for decades.

Working with the City of Reykjavík was a great example of this - Norda's front-end developers were part of an interdisciplinary team that put a strong emphasis on user-friendly design, professionalism, efficiency and personal service in accordance with the city's service policy. The goal was to improve the experience of parents by providing a clear process, good oversight and powerful information delivery.




Transforming the enrollment process

Norda places significance importance on project preparation and close collaboration with its partners. Enrollment in Reykjavik elementary schools is a great example of this. The goal of this first version was to improve the experience of parents through a clear process, good overview, and powerful information provision.

It was decided to transform the process, make it more transparent and straightforward. The aim was to make the user experience positive, improve information flow, and make the process more reliable.

Great emphasis was placed on improving the experience of parents, but to make good better, a portal for staff was also developed, where it is easy to continue processing applications and keep information flowing.

Staff Portal

The project also included the development of a new staff portal where employees could securely access information on all children with legal residence in the relevant neighborhood. This allowed them to easily manage applications for school outside the school district and send letters directly to guardians.

Real time oversight

With the aim of responding to the different needs of the application process and to build a solution for the future, it was decided to set up a system for the City of Reykjavík application process, which can be used for the manufacture of more complex applications in the front end of My pages.

This system will be available when more application processes are added to the digital services of the City of Reykjavík.

The collaboration with the City of Reykjavík went brilliantly and we are excited to see what our city takes on next in the digital space.