Your information in one place

The vision of Digital Iceland is for individuals to access all public services, digitally, in one place. Here it is possible to solve all matters related to municipalities and institutions, wherever and whenever. We at Norda are very proud to have been trusted to develop, in collaboration with Digital Iceland, My pages which will be the heart of digital services of the public.





My pages is a service gateway, where users have the option of being able to work with information in an easy and accessible way related to the country. It is possible to access information from the National Registry, public applications, educational history and health information, to name a few.

My pages also serves the role of being a gateway for all projects within Digital Iceland that require authentication. The project manages all authentication and access control from which other projects of Digital Iceland can be launched. With the solution, a lot of time and cost is saved, as various teams can write specialized units directly into the solution without having to rewrite authentication, access control and various other services.

Norda worked on the project in close cooperation with Digital Iceland and the project began with a thorough analysis of the current situation along with a specification of the system that was to be deployed. That solution was built in technology that was beginning to age and it was time for an overall renovation to meet the requirements of the new technology strategy Í

Together Norda and Digital Iceland developed a basic version of the new My pages which we believe will serve the country for many years to come as the solution is well maintained, very fast and meets all the main security and access standards.

Digital Iceland, in cooperation with some of the main software houses in the country, works hard to renovate all public services as they apply. The project is one of the largest in the history of software development in Iceland and the benefit of it will be huge, both for the country and the people of the country.

The goal is to make public services simpler, more accessible and faster for users and staff. Although this process has started well and is being deployed to various public institutions already, it is only just beginning. It is a huge task ahead, but with good collaboration and a strong vision, it will prove to be successful and make life easier for the people of the country.