User-friendly online store

SS, Holta and Hollt&Gott are established companies with a successful history, good reputation and a loyal group of satisfied customers. Matarstræti is a new and user-friendly online store that combines the product range of these companies and gives restaurants and retailers the opportunity to access a diverse selection of groceries in one place.



Online store


Convenient Interface and Flexibility

The online store serves kitchens of all sizes and has a convenient interface and flexibility in the set up of product categories and customers one of the elements that the store attendants have in the foreground. A special setup for the store's customers allows the attendants of Matarstræti to connect users with different privileges to one or more companies, as well as to control discounts and other privileges as best as possible.

In addition, store managers have full control over the setup of product categories, can link products to product categories as they see fit, and have created product category pages that target specific product categories or specific days of the week. The product range is vast and varied but the online store is able to handle this large selection with great care, and maintain good response time despite increased load and increased traffic on the site.