Accident reporting

Norda has worked in collaboration with Icelandic Health Insurance to create a streamlined and straightforward process. The aim of this project was to make the reporting process simpler for users while ensuring that all the necessary information was provided.

In-depth analysis

The types and conditions of accidents can be intricate and varied, with categories, subcategories and data handling further complicating the matter. To tackle this complexity, Norda's team of experts conducted a thorough analysis with Icelandic Health Insurance, resulting in a simplified yet comprehensive user flow that guarantees accuracy of data.

Effectiveness in the foreground

When submitting an accident report, additional data is required depending on the type of accident. This could include medical certificates, damage certificates or conversations with emergency services. To make it easier for reporters and speed up the process, Norda created an option for users to submit their report first and add documents at a later stage.

Third party involvement

Not only can injured persons submit an accident report through Norda's system, but also attendants or employers, representatives of sports clubs or rescue teams, school principals or other related people. When a third party is involved in an accident report submission process, both the injured person or someone on their behalf must accept it for it to be valid. To ensure this happens as smoothly as possible Norda introduced an application status which notifies both parties when one submits a report and allows them to log into the system to view it and accept, or comment on it accordingly.

Norda understands that large projects like this require well-assembled teams with broad expertise who are capable of analyzing complex situations, breaking down processes and developing solutions that meet even the most stringent quality requirements - something they have proven time and time again!

Gunnar Ingi Reykjalín Sveinsson - Product Manager

Gunnar Ingi Reykjalín Sveinsson

Product Manager